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iRead: Book Trailer and Video Apps

Setting a Purpose:
  • Do you think other kids should read your book? WHY?
  • If you want people to read must promote it!
  • How can advertisements help us in creating book trailers?

Watch some book trailers to give some background knowledge and inspiration:
Book Trailers for Readers
Student Book Trailers from Bulldog Readers

Planning for Your Video:
  • Who is your audience?
  • Give a "taste" about what the book/topic is about
  • Short and to the point
  • Does it leave the audience wanting more?
  • Make a "Storyboard" or a PLAN.
  • The plan includes writing the script.
  • The plan includes collecting and documenting or creating images.
  • Assign group tasks for collaborative projects.
  • Plan for sharing.

Post-it Notes make great storyboards
You Need a Plan Stan Storyboard
Book Trailer Planning Template

Collect and Document Images

Assign Group Tasks:
  • Photographer
  • Illustrators
  • Narrators and Speakers
  • Paper Slider (if doing a Paper Slide)
  • Others as needed.

videolicious.JPGApp #1: Videolicious

  • 1 minute limit.
  • Take a picture of the book or illustration you created.
  • Open app.
  • Select pictures.
  • Switch to mic only rather than video.
  • Record and save.
  • Will put video in camera roll.
  • Can use email, upload to Edmodo app or the WebDAV app to save to your network drives.
  • Can insert the video into a Keynote from your camera roll.

Videolicious - 3 steps:
1. Choose shots - can select more than one image from your camera roll.
2. Tell your story - we like to switch to mic only by clicking the camera + mic button.
3. Choose a Song - theme music is within the app
The Extraordinary Egg

camera-app-icon.jpgApp #2 Camera App to Create a Paper Slide Video

Use the iPad's built in camera app to record and create a paper slide video (Paper Slide directions are on a glogster page, not visible on iPad).
Use as a whole class or small group (3-4 students) activity.
Great for research projects, showcase learning in science and math, creative writing in Language Arts.
  • Use Student Artwork
  • Narrator beside the camera.
  • Construction paper behind the papers as a backdrop.
  • Use hands to illustrate - Vanna White!
  • All students in the group write script on notecards and draw.
  • Number the notecards and the drawings on the back.
  • Open iPad camera app and slide button to record at the bottom left corner to begin. Speaker needs to be as close to mic as possible.
  • You must hold the iPad in landscape view and make sure that the Home Button is to the right of the record button or your video will be upside down.

Paper Slide Teacher Example

Educreations.JPGApp #3 (iRead, iWrite, iLearn Session)

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Pull pictures from camera roll or draw your own.
Click on Record, talk, slide to switch between pictures.
One shot deal, can't revisit. Take pictures of student drawings to make a "paper slide" within educreations.
Video link can be emailed (if iPads have email access) or use “copy a link” option to post the video on Edmodo.

The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash Educreations Example

App #3 (You Ought to Be in Pictures Session)


Create a video in just a few easy steps.
- Access your camera roll and select 4-5 images.
- Edit your images within the app -
  • Enhance
  • Crop
  • Add Effects
  • Add Text or Draw on Your Images
  • and more
- Record Narration and Save Your Video
  • Click on the Microphone to Record and slide to each image.
  • Click on Save.
  • Video will be generated and saved to the Camera Roll.
  • Use Webdav or Edmodo to upload video.
  • Some videos may be small enough to email on the teacher iPads.

iMovie.JPGApp # 4 iMovie

This one is a paid app.
Uses lots of pictures and video from your camera roll.
You can start a video from scratch or edit any pre-made scripts and outlines if using the trailer option.
Click on the + sign and select either New Project or Trailer.
Select video clips or still images from your camera roll to create your movie.
iMovie videos can be saved as a final video using the “share movie to camera roll” option. You can insert the movie from your camera roll into Keynote.
iMovies are usually too large to email.
Once you save the movie to your camera roll….
You can use an app like WebDav to move it to your network or upload it to Edmodo using the Edmodo app.

iWrite: Apps for Writing and Publishing

Pic Collage.PNGApp #1: Pic Collage

• Poster Maker iPad app
• Students can add pictures and text to demonstrate their learning.

Pic Collage Tutorial Video

Classroom Applications:
• Research Project Posters
• Book Talks/Advertisements
• Science Lab Explanations
• Student Writing
Visual Vocabulary
•When students finish the project, click on the forward arrow and select "Save to Library". This puts the image in the iPad's camera roll.
More about Pic Collage

photocard lite.JPGApp #2: Photocard Lite (Bill Atkinson)

• Postcard app to create and write your own postcards.
• Use pictures you took from the camera roll or saved to the camera roll from the web.

Lite version versus Full version -
  • Both are free and have the same basic functions.
  • The Full version contains several hundred nature photos, stickers and stamps. The full app's size is over 300 MB while the Lite version is less than 50 MB.

Classroom Ideas:
• Write postcard to a book character or author.
• Write a postcard to a historical figure or as a historical figure (or as if they themselves were there).
• Postcard to their parents talking about the science lab.
• As a class, write a postcard to parents about a classroom activity.
• Teachers can individualize postcards to students and parents as a classroom communication tool
Click here for some important tips for using Photocard Lite.
Click here for some PhotocardLite Examples.

If the iPad has email access, the postcard can be emailed OR click on the arrow on the bottom left to save the postcard to the camera roll. You can then use an app like Webdav to upload the image to the network or upload the image to Edmodo.

storykit.JPGApp #3: StoryKit

• Free iPhone App
• Once installed click the 2x button within the app to show fill screen on the ipad.
• Create an interactive storybook with images, text and audio.
• Can take pictures from camera roll (photos and pics from web).
• Can draw their own pictures.

Story Kit Examples
Kindergarten Example
Classroom Applications:• Students create books from their writing to share on their ipad with peers.
• Share research.
• Write about a classroom event or activity.
• Group projects
• Review for vocabulary and concepts – audio is the answer.
• Link can be emailed to share or can remain in the StoryKit library on the iPad.

trading cards.JPGApp #4 Trading Cards

It allows students to show what they know about people, places, or things in an original format. This even has an option to practice and show learning of new vocabulary!
Trading Cards are 2-sided.Each section contains guiding questions.
You can Save to Photos (camera roll) or send as an email.

Amelia trading Card.jpg
Classroom Applications:
• famous historical figures
• Famous event
• Fictional People or Places

• project-based learning activity
• applying new vocabulary terms
• literary characters

Other Apps to Check Out

  • Puppet Pals
  • Puppet Pals 2 – NEW
  • PoppletLite
  • Sock Puppets
  • Word Mover
  • Facetalker

iLearn - QR Code Apps

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Making QR Codes:
QR Stuff
QR Voice

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