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Lexington One is a SMART place to be!

Check out the websites below to find more resources for your classroom.

SmartBoard Lesson Exchange:join here to find or share lessons.

Smartboard Lesson Custom search: Searches 18 sites for smartboard files and websites to use with Smartboard

Smartboard Podcasts : listen to this podcast for ideas, websites, etc...

TeqSMART - sign up for free and access resources

Why Teachers Love SMARTboards - blog with suggestions and podcasts

‍Smart Notebook Resource sites:

Engaging Learners the SmartBoard Way great interactive websites to use on the board

SmartNotebook templates: templates, ideas, tips and tricks

SmartBoard and Airliner Activities

SmartBoard Activities

Classroom Resources for Smartboard Technology

Kenton County's Primary Smartboard Resources

Math Whiteboard Tools

Mrs. Weaver's Lessons by Subject Area

Early Literacy Lessons

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons from the UK

Web Resources suitable for Interactive Whiteboards


SMARTboard Resources: interactive websites, lesson plans, classroom ideas, how-to tutorials, and research to support classroom achievement, etc.
SMART Board resources:
If you would like to become "Smart" on how using interactive Smartboards in your classroom will improve student learning and increase student achievement, take a look at the library of case studies that document classroom success! Scroll to the K-12 section and find the subject area that applies to you!