QR_code_pic.jpgQR Codes in the Classroom

S. Brooks and S. Wise, Lexington School District One

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a scannable barcode that takes you to a website or video, gives information, text or other information.
A QR Reader is required to "scan" the barcode. QR Readers can be installed on Smartphones, ipod touches with cameras, iPad 2s, and webcams (if your computer has QR reader software).

CSI QR Code Video

What do I need to start?

Making the QR codes
QR code generator online:
This one is great because it has the built in option to use google shortener to shorten URLs.

Can print multiple codes on a page. Can easily create QR codes in different colors.

or use
Google URL shortener
will become
Add ‘.qr’ to the end
Press ENTER on keyboard
Now http://goo.gl/VFPh.qr QR code will be generated

QR Stuff - http://www.qrstuff.com/

QR Stuff also has the option to use their URL shortener when making a URL QR code (scans easier with fewer characters).
QR stuff also will let you easily create/print multiple copies of the same QR code for pages and labels.
This site also let you create QR codes in different colors so you can color code QR codes by types or subject.

QR Voice

QR Voice will create a QR code with an automated voice.

Want a QR code with your OWN voice?

Use Vocaroo - http://vocaroo.com

Use the Croak.it! iPhone App to record your own voice.

It will create a weblink to your 30 second recording.
Copy and paste the link at qrstuff.com to create your own link.

QR code generator app on device or Browser Plugins
Quickmark (iTunes, Android )
QR Generator (Android)
Generator Plug ins for Google Chrome or Firefox


paste a wikipedia link into the small box and it will automatically generate a qr code to that wikipedia page.

Create QR Codes to documents or Images


Reading the Codes:

Smart Phone
iPod Touch w/camera
Webcam (computer needs Adobe Air installed)

QR code reader app:
Barcode Scanner app (Droid)
Quickmark (Droid and iTunes)

Tips for making QR codes:
The fewer characters, the better the QR code.
Use URL shortener with websites - either the one within qrstuff.com or see the directions about to use the goo.gl to shorten a website and make a QR code.

Classroom Ideas

Indoor scavenger hunts (Oregon Trail and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (http://www.thevirtualvine.com/ccbb.html)
Book Trailers
Math problems within the codes
Research sites on worksheets
Link to video to answer questions
Symbols of SC
Flash cards
Story Starters
Virtual Walking Tours
Create and link instructional videos
Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes - from Free Technology for Teachers site.
More Ideas to Use QR Codes - Karen Ogen, Lexington/Richland 5
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QR Code Bottle Cap Fun - recycle while learning
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Classroom Samples:

QR Code Examples:

Learning Commons/Media QR Codes:

Geometery QR Code Activity

SC Symbols Activity

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Scavenger Hunt