Edmodo: It's Elementary

What is Edmodo?

  • A learning network (not a social network)
  • Teacher to student or whole group communication.
  • anytime, anywhere mobile learning environment with
  • smartphone apps and mobile site.
  • delivers, reinforces and assesses content
  • easy access to projects, classwork, homework through assignments, quiz builder, and calendar features.

Edmodo in the Elementary School

  • Parent Permission Needed for account setup
  • Closed environment
  • Students join classes by the invitation of their teacher only
  • Students cannot directly message one another - whole group or student to teacher
  • All communications are archived
  • Teacher manages and supervises - essential!

Where to Find out More?

Join Weekly Edmodo Webinars:

Explore resources in the Help Center:

Ask the Edmodo Support Community: http://www.edmodo.com/community/support

Follow http://blog.edmodo.com/ for more ways to use Edmodo in the classroom.

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