Augmented Reality brings objects to life.

Aurasma - Make your own AR projects.

Target Image/Trigger (what you will be “scanning”)

Overlay Video (already made and on your camera roll – Tellagami, Facetalk, Imovie, 30 Hands, etc…..)
Teacher iPad: Create your account on Aurasma with username and include email.
Student iPad: Create an Aurasma Student Account (no email), will need it to follow the Channel you create (13-14 GES Art or LES Gill Homeroom).
Open Aurasma App (login if first time/prompted).
Tap Arrow to see “Dashboard” if not already visible.
Tap + to create a new aura..
Tap on Device to access your Camera Roll to Select Your Overlay VIDEO.
Tap Purple +and select Photo Album.
Tap Camera Roll and scroll to and tap on the video you want as the Overlay Video.
Tap Use and wait for the video to compress.
Type name (optional but might help organize) and Tap Finish.
Overlay is now created. Tap on the overlay listed – will preview. Tap Select.
Hold app over your Target Image/Trigger.
Can resize from corner. To make sure you just have the image and no tables/other backgrounds.
Wait for meter at the bottom to resize to green and tap icon on the bottom right to select. May need to move into more natural light/more light or choose a target image with more contrast.
Position overlay, can resize and move the video.
Tap arrow bottom right.
Set Aura to PUBLIC by tapping on Public.
Slide the Add to a Channel to Yes (in order for aura to be visible on other iPads).
Tap on Existing Channel or tap the + to add a new channel.
Enter a Name for the Aura.
Tap Finish to create your aura.

To email link from your account

(viewable on other mobile devices, can post link to Edmodo and access from mobile device>)

Scan target object.

Tap People object on the bottom left. Select Email. Type email address and send.

Saw some websites that used this link to make QR codes to scan?

For other users to subscribe to/be able to scan your auras:

Aurasma App is available to download on mobile devices/Smart phones.
Install App and create and account (email address is optional – Elementary - see TIS about creating a basic student Aurasma account for your devices).
Tap on Arrow to access the “Dashboard”.
Tap on the Magnifying Glass (search).
Type Creator's username or the Name of the Channel – have to be exact (is case sensitive). Sometimes it is easier to search for the username and then find the channel listed under them!
Tap on the Channel.
Tap on Follow.
Tap on the Square outline to begin Scanning – will be able to scan target images for any video overlay within that channel.
Hold Aurasma app over the Target image. Video will begin playing.
Careful – once they are following the channel, they have access within their app to ALL the auras on that channel. Be aware of Do Not Release students (no names, no pictures) and other students (first names only OR picture, preferably not both). Suggest classroom teachers consider creating a new channel every year. You can add your “teaching” auras to the new year’s channel by editing.
Aurasma Tutorials:

Other Augmented Reality Apps:

ColAR App – Coloring Book Brought to Life
Print Free pages….
International Dot Day
Have students write a story to go along with their drawing.

Writing Examples:

AR Flashcards


Install AR Flashcards app on iPad
Print flashcards from

Their website says they work best when printed in color and leave white border around them. I printed mine in black and white and they still worked.
Rotate iPad or rotate flash card with app open. Tap on the 3-D object to hear letter/word.

Zooburst Augmented Reality 3-D Popup Books
App – lets you view the Books
Website (from laptop) – Will let you create your own 3-D popup Books, should be viewable under your login on the app….

Login with email required. Limited free account available.

Basic Free account will let you make 10 free books with 10 pages each with very limited features. The upgrade account will let you create more books, record audio, etc….

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